Specs and Faqs

How far can it fly?

About 1 a mile(1.6k). You must stay in line-of-sight (ie. above the trees and buildings).

How High?

Very high. See for yourself in the demo video. This craft has no altimeter, so I don't know the exact altitude.

How Fast?

Fast. About 50mph (80kph).

How Long?

About 17 minutes.

Is it difficult to fly?

Very easy actually. The craft will hover stably without any input from the pilot.

How much can it carry?

It's not designed to carry payload. ..But it can carry about 350g and still fly decently (a GoPro weighs 90g).


Large Battery Pack

Uses a huge 6ah 3s LiPo pack. These packs weight a full pound each. This gives this craft the maximum possible flight time for this design. Anyone advertising 20 minute flights with normal size 3ah packs is lying.

5.8ghz transmitter

5.8ghz, 400mw, 8ch
Comes with high grade RCHP antennas handmade in Turkey.

Telemetry receiver

The receiver will beep to warn you if you start going out of range. Surprisingly, most setups don't come with this.

Custom Controller

Modified Turnigy 9x with an attached 7" Phillips lcd. An included shadow box makes it usable even in bright daylight.

Want One?

Use the shopping cart to create the configuration you want. I'll install/configure everything and test fly the quad before shipping it to you. All you'll need to do before you can fly is put the props on.

Crow v2 Quadcopter
Equipped to transmit video. Comes with a video rx. You could order just this if you already have a control radio and ground station. You will have to supply your own GoPro.
Cable Type
GPS Module
This module adds position hold mode, and a mode that automatically flies the craft home on signal loss.

With GPS installed, the craft will fight against the wind automatically. It will also automatically brake if you center the sticks while moving. Return-to-home will fly the craft back to you and land automatically if you loose signal or flip a switch on the controller (Landing site accuracy is usually <3m). This can save the craft in case of equipment failure or signal loss.
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Control Radio
A Turnigy 9x with many upgrades and modifications.

Re-flashed with ER9x (which is awesome if you've never used it).
Frsky Telemetry Module and receiver installed. (controller will beep as the signal gets weak).
Modded with power outputs for the screen and video rx if you purchase those as well.
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Controller Mounted LCD Screen
7" Phillips LCD Screen with mounting bracket and shadow box. This is known to be one of the best LCD's for FPV.

You could omit this if you've already got video goggles or your own display. I personally prefer the screen to goggles, as you can show other people what you're seeing and it's easy to glance up at the craft.
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Fitted Hard Case
Same as a pelican case, but HPRC brand. Holds the whole system nice and snug so you can toss it in your trunk or store it without worry.

These are stupidly durable. Crush proof, water-proof, and shock resistant. They also float, because fuck it why not.
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Long Range Antenna
This directional antenna increases the maximum range to about 2 miles.

The trade-off for the greater range is that you must orient yourself so the antenna is pointing in the direction of the craft. Luckily, long range flights will be mostly towards or away from yourself, so you won't have to move much. You don't have to aim precisely. The general direction is fine.
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Low Profile Tilt Gimbal
This gimbal allows you to look straight down or generally just adjust the camera angle. (A knob on the controller will change the camera tilt).

This is servo gimbal so it's not great for stabilization (the image will be shaky while it's rotating). ..That being said, it can be hooked up for stabilization if you wish. Switching it back and forth is pretty simple.
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Spare Battery
One Extra battery. 3 cell 6ah
Nav Lights
High-brightness led NAV lights. Excellent for flying by line-of-sight at night. The color arrangement allows you to determine the crafts orientation at a long distance.
Extra GoPro Cable
Cable Type
Extra Set of Props
Extra set of (4) good quality props. 8 x 4.5. Black or flouro-yellow.

Just want to watch and wait?
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where you can post your questions or troubleshooting issues. I'll be on there to provide support if you need it.

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